Arjun Singh

Arjun Singh

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Arjun Singh

Contact Information

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Phone: 250 377 1797

Personal Information

Resident of: Lower Sahali
Age: 48
Current Occupation: Property Manager / City Councillor

Political Experience:

3 terms on council
served on a wide variety of council committees
1st VP of Union of BC Municipalities

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Arjun Singh is thoughtful, caring, articulate , professional, goes the extra step into learning the communities needs, has an exceptional response rate and time, hes organized, intelligent, and not afraid to say I don't know - I will help you, lets find out together, I will look into that. I can go on. Arjun is a true leader and I look forward to him being on council again for the next 4yrs. Vote for Arjun Singh.

Tabitha Gallicano, Kamloops resident, volunteer, student

Arjun Singh is an effective member of council, a great communicator and a good friend. I fully endorse him for council, Mayor, Premier of BC or Prime Minister of Canada!

Vaughn Warren, Kamloops resident (Website)

I happily endorse Arjun as he seeks re-election to Kamloops city council. Not only do I respect his commitment to community engagement and how he fosters a healthy Kamloops culture, but I think that his transparency is refreshing. Arjun approaches each issue that comes before him with an open mind. Whether you agree or disagree with him, he will always explain his rationale. This is someone I've seen walk the talk! I'll vote for Arjun and I hope you will too!

Jennifer Jones, Kamloops resident

Answers to Questions from the Public

Oct 11, 2018 at 8:36 pm

Jayne Trent asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

Are you for, against, or undecided about land application of biosolids? If you are undecided will do you plan on taking what ever advice city staff puts forward to council or will you be doing your own independent research?

Arjun Singh Answered

Land application of biosolids has had a long history and is currently the only viable method in our region for biosolid use. Biosolids are an unavoidable byproduct of our waste water treatment in Kamloops. There are growing concerns about increased toxicity of biosolids negatively impacting human health in land application. The city has formed a biosolids committee which is looking at all these issues. I will await their report back to council and will do my own independent research as well.

Sep 19, 2018 at 1:14 pm

David Johnson asks the City Councillor Candidates

Talk about the need for a Kamloops Performing Arts Centre, discuss the concept behind the number of seats it should have, where it should be built, and the build project administrative and financial structure (grassroots, City, Prov, Fed), that it would take to build and operate it.
Given Kamloops recent experience, what is the best approach?

Arjun Singh Answered

I think we do need to develop a new performing arts centre plan. I would support that. I don't think councillors should be talking about details at this point. I think all of these questions you ask are very good and they are best answered by members of the community. The best approach for council, at this point, is to help facilitate broad based community discussions on the topics you raise and others.

Sep 22, 2018 at 4:31 pm

Peter Kerek asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

Food Banks first started appearing in Canada in the early 1980's - and their usage has only increased since then. Why do you think Food Banks have become a permanent institution in Canada, even though we live in a country that has no shortage of food? And what systemic changes need to occur to eliminate the need for Food Banks?

Arjun Singh Answered

Food banks should always be one place where we offer resources and programs to help people be able to pay for their own food and become independent.

Sep 26, 2018 at 7:14 pm

Tabitha Gallicano asks the City Councillor Candidates

Some have already answered this question on facebook. But here it is in case some missed it that might want to answer.
Property Crime and petty theft has increased in Kamloops over the last couple of years. We have initiated the Cap program on the North shore and have noticed an improvement with their presence. We have a great presence of RCMP as well as the re-emergence of neighbourhood block watches. There are further design and landscaping techniques we can utilize that also deters criminal behaviour. What are your thoughts on some provisions and/or steps within councils jurisdiction that could be implemented in order to reduce property and vehicle crime.

Arjun Singh Answered

All of what you have mentioned Tabitha is having a positive impact. I think the crime prevention folks within the city have been able to facilitate great education to let residents know what they can do to make their homes and vehicles less of a target for crimes of opportunity. I think city council has to make sure we have enough police officers to deal with situations as they arise. One thing is that potentially tricky but I believe might have real positive impact is for council to look at helping funding more early intervention social services like outreach or life skills programs so that the we can avoid paying increasing amounts in police or bylaws response.

Sep 22, 2018 at 4:33 pm

Melissa asks the City Councillor, Mayor, School Trustee Candidates

What are 3 things you think are going well for Kamloops, what 3 things need improving and what are 3 things you'd like to express that could promote compassion and dignity towards our cities most vulnrable?

Arjun Singh Answered

3 things that are going well
1/ community spirit
2/outdoor recreation opportunities
3/ lots of amenities and still friendly with good community spirit and cohesion

3 things that need improving
1/ homelessness
2/ potentially, city processes that relate to business and development
3/ helping downtown get even better

3 expressions of compassion and dignity
1/ housing
2/ storage / bathroom
3/ getting to know folks and treating them with respect and love

Oct 2, 2018 at 2:48 pm

Leslie asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

What are your thoughts on accountability and transparency and Council decisions made behind closed doors?

Far too often it appears that decisions are taken 'in camera' because the Community Charter ALLOWS the topic to be taken behind closed doors, not because the discussion/decision HAS to be taken behind closed doors.
(The Community Charter is clear on which topics must be discussed in private and which may be discussed in private, leaving a lot of leeway for lack of transparency.)

Arjun Singh Answered

I am comfortable with the items discussed in closed session at council. I think the guiding philosophy here is protection of the interests of the municipality. Will it cost more money to discuss a land deal in public? Could we get sued?

I am not sure what specific issues and decisions you are asking about. I'm happy to provide more info on rationale.

I think its a good idea for any new council, early in the term, to discuss in camera sessions to ensure our practices are as transparent as possible.

Oct 3, 2018 at 3:14 pm

Dick Stewart asks the City Councillor, Mayor, School Trustee Candidates

What was their previous Job ? or employment ?

Arjun Singh Answered

I currently manage apartments and sometimes facilitate community events.
Previously, I was an internet trainer, a clothing store owner, a community support worker, and a busboy.