Chris Henderson

Bill's time spent deeply involved among members of the community on a daily basis with his role at Canada Post will serve Kamloops proud when he is hopefully elected to Kamloops City Council. He cares to the core about Kamloops and its citizens and wants City Hall to be better at being transparent and fiscally responsible.

Bill believes in building up and maintaining infrastructure in Kamloops which has greatly lacked in recent years. People need sidewalks in all neighbourhoods, roads free of pot holes for the safety of our cyclists and drivers as well as increased snow removal in the winter so our parents and seniors can safely get around and make appointments.

A vote for Bill Sarai is a vote for positive change in Kamloops. He undoubtedly has my vote and if you've ever talked to Bill I'm sure he'll have yours as well. He's so approachable that for anyone who hasn't gotten to meet or interact with him, I urge you to contact him or view his campaign Facebook page to get a better idea of just how involved in the community he is.

Good luck Bill Sarai!

Chris Henderson, Kamloops Resident