Marlene Hibbs

What’s more important, an individual building the economy or the economy building individuals? We have plenty of leadership in multiple sectors integrating innovative ideas that in turn bolster our community. I am very grateful for these people and excited for the next 10 years in Kamloops. If a mayor thinks they can lead with change in these areas in mind, I think they are mistaken these areas are thriving and healthy. There is however growing disparity and uncertainty surrounding the health of individuals in our community. How is it ok to celebrate the wins of economic growth on one corner, when on a corner across the street people are facing seemingly insurmountable challenges such as accessing shelter, food, and health care? Therefore in my eyes a direct approach needs to be undertaken to get people housed and I think this is the best solution for our community. If we can come together to solve one of the largest crisis of our time, then I think we can accomplish anything as a community. This is exactly why I am endorsing Mr.Turnbull. He will tackle an incredibly challenging task head on and I think he has the gumption needed to see it through.
Let’s stop this collective cognitive dissonance once and for all where we think one part of our home bing on fire is ok if another part isn’t. If there is disease in a body going unchecked. We are a body of people so let’s act like it!

Marlene Hibbs, Resident, Personal Trainer, Clinical Somatic Educator (Website)