Ralph Warner

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To the Great People of Kamloops,
I have lived in Kamloops since 1970. In that time I have seen our city grow. Kamloops is a great place to live. I have had my business here for over forty years and have done very well locally. My company has always tried to be a strong corporate citizen, helping various organizations here in Kamloops. Over the past four or five years, I have become increasingly concerned about the anti-business sentiment coming from our current city council. Current city council doesn’t seem to have a vision of where or how they would like to see our city develop and grow. I hear lots of rhetoric about bringing good clean high tech jobs to our community. That would be great, but we are in competition with every other community in the world for those jobs. So why would those type employers locate in our city when we consistently demonstrate an unwillingness to work with potential employers? It is time for a change on our City Council. I have met with Carol King and found her to be a woman of great passion for making things better for the people in Kamloops. She has a vision for Kamloops. “Getting to Yes”. While others talk she takes action. She has taken it upon herself to get dirty needles off the streets. She understands both the needs of Business and the plight of people struggling to get by. I am strongly endorsing Carol King for City Council. The time is now for a real change locally. Finally, whether you agree with me or not, get out and vote. Our city is worth your time and energy.
Sincerely Ralph Warner
Warner Rentals LTD.

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