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Chris Bose

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Chris Bose

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Personal Information

Resident of: Upper Sahali
Age: 48
Current Occupation: Father, Workshop Facilitator, Educator, Author, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Artist,

Political Experience:

At Thompson Rivers University, I was involved with student body politics in the TRU Aboriginal student society, as First Nations representative in TRUSU, as well as Vice President of the society and then Student Body President for TRUSU in 2000. Being involved and moving up the ranks to being elected President of 8000 students and representing not just the Aboriginal students but all students was an experience I won't forget. It changed me. Gave me an opportunity to see what life is like in politics and policy, but representing students as well.


I am a father, Nlaka'pamux, Secwepemc, as well as a workshop facilitator, educator, artist, community leader, traditional knowledge carrier, filmmaker, mentor and much more. I have spent much of my life in Tk'emlups and seen and been through a lot here in town. Working throughout the city in various organizations and the school district has helped me give back to the community in sharing knowledge and experience as well as creating opportunities not just for youth, but everyone I've worked with in this place we call home. My goal is to continue with this journey in city council and represent those that feel haven't been heard or seen in a long time. contact me at: [email protected]

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Organization Endorsements

Kamloops and District Labour Council

We are the elected representatives of roughly 13,000 unionized workers in the Kamloops area covering Merritt to Valemount and Chase to Lillooet. Our affiliates work collaboratively to advance the economic and social welfare of workers and with other progressive organizations in the promotion of social justice and human rights as described in the United Nations’ Charter of Human Rights. We are members of the BC Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress, the latter of which represents over three-million unionized Canadians.

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Chris Bose has the insight and perspective of a true artist who looks to understand issues and people deeply, from many levels and without preconception. He is the kind of leader we need in council: one who leads from a place of quiet contemplation and solid humanistic values, which allow him to carefully consider decisions so that resulting action is meaningful and insightful. I would trust him wholeheartedly to act on my behalf and the behalf of the people of KAMLOOPS to improve our city and the lives of those who live within.

Caroline Hilland

Chris is a kind, giving, open-hearted and dedicated community leader. I have taken part in his workshops for the Arbour Collective. He works with youth and brings a fresh perspective to municipal politics.

Cassie Tremblay, Kamloops resident

I support Chris Bose. His message of 'inclusion and diversity' inspires me to get involved.

Kelly Therrien, Kamloops resident

I have known Chris for over 10 years and have spent some time with him as a coworker. Chris is a very intelligent and approachable person. Chris has great rapport with people from every walk of life, and he shows genuine interest in them. This trait alone makes Chris a valuable addition to civic politics in my opinion. Chris is also a talented artist, musician and writer, and brings a unique perspective to any discussion. I think Chris would be very balanced and effective on Council.

Joe Renner, Residential Youth Care Worker Kamloops

I am so excited to see Chris take on this challenge. He is the first indigenous candidate for council that I have ever seen here in Kamloops. And that is so inspiring. There is so much more on the line for him. This is not only a council seat, this is a chance for an Indigenous person to have a voice in Kamloops' political world. And the best council is one balanced with the many voices of our community. And Chris' passion and desire to bring fairness and equity to all people of Kamloops will make him an amazing councillor.

Sandra Bandura, Member of Qayqayt First Nation and Kamloops Resident

I fully endorse Chris Bose and I believe in what he stands for in his platform. Affordability, Inclusion and accessibility. In order for these things to change for the better you need someone on council who knows about them personally.

Michael p Wright, Kamloops resident

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Fully support Chris Bose for his choice to join the city council, I truely feel like he can make an impact and a lot of difference in this town

Cody Kaptein, Kamloops resident

Answers to Questions from the Public

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:50 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor Candidates

Do you consider yourself:
A) Leader
B) Team player
C) Lone wolf


Chris Bose Answered

I would consider myself a community leader and team player, one of my sayings "team work makes the dream work" works, because I have led many large scale community creative projects and workshops and great things happen when people of all genders, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, youth and seniors, adults, students and more work together on a project. Dialogue happens, friendships are created and great things happen in the community!

Sep 6, 2018 at 9:58 pm

Deanna Gilbert asks the City Councillor Candidates

What practical policies do you support that will improve the lives of LBGTQ+ people in Kamloops? For example, do you support the conversion of gendered single stall bathrooms (i.e. Men/Women) to non-gendered bathrooms. This wouldn't even necessarily need new signs, but removing the one displaying the Man/Woman icon.

Chris Bose Answered

I support conversion of washroom facilities LBGTQ2+, as well as inclusion in development in city projects, programs and more. We need to hear from more people and Diversity strengthens the community and improves the lives of friends, family and the community as well.

Sep 6, 2018 at 10:01 pm

William Turnbull asks the City Councillor, Mayor, School Trustee Candidates

Why do you want to be elected?

Chris Bose Answered

I’m new to this, I never had planned to run for council, but I felt I had to accept the challenge from friends and family to stand up and represent the people, those who never vote, never participate, don’t feel there is anyone listening, or those that are tired of the same faces in the same places and want change. If voting didn’t matter, why do the same people keep running and the same people keep voting them in government? I don’t have all the answers but I’m learning and excited to continue learning how to be a city representative.

Sep 7, 2018 at 1:42 pm

Bryce asks the City Councillor, Mayor, School Trustee Candidates

British Columbians are actually heading to two polls this year, municipal and we also have the mail-in referendum on Proportional Representation.

What's your position on Proportional Representation and why? Should Kamloops also consider some sort of electoral reform for municipal to ensure each area/neighbourhood of Kamloops gets equitable representation on council? Perhaps even lowering the municipal voting age to 16 to get youth more engage.

Chris Bose Answered

I support proportional representation, we need electoral reform because it doesn't fully reflect the diversity of the community or the people supposedly represented. The current system practically guarantees the same people voting get the same people elected, representing only those issues and not necessarily the community at large. Lowering the voting is a good idea and a return to teaching civics in schools is also a good idea. If you are old enough to drive and have a job, you should be learning how to vote and the issues at stake are about in a community. Stand up! Represent! Vote!

Sep 6, 2018 at 10:00 pm

Nevin Webster asks the City Councillor Candidates

What is something that costs less than $10 a month that you think the current city council should utilize to improve Kamloops starting today?

Chris Bose Answered

Art supplies for various programs that help people with addictions, mental health and transportation. $10 dollars a month can change a life, though less than what people spend on coffee a day, can, from what i've seen and encountered in various creative workshops throughout the city, can definitely help develop self-esteem, confidence and moving forward into a new life and opportunities.