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Sadie Hunter

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Sadie Hunter

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Personal Information

Resident of: Sun Rivers
Age: 39
Current Occupation: Director of Development, Science & Nursing, TRU

Political Experience:

Ran as a city council candidate in the 2017 Kamloops by-election.


I’m a long-time resident of the city of Kamloops, choosing to move here in 2001 over other cities. I chose Kamloops because I recognized the opportunities this community would have for both myself and my son.

I attended the University College of the Cariboo and Thompson Rivers University earning undergraduate degrees in both journalism, and ecology and a Master’s degree in environmental science with a focus on policy and planning.

As a young single mother, I accessed many services, including low-income housing. Without the support from this community, I wouldn’t be as accomplished as I am today.

I bring balance and a fresh perspective. I’ve worked in both the natural resource industry and the non-profit sector. I have experience as a science educator and have conducted peer-reviewed research.
I understand the challenges inherent to resource development and also see the opportunities that lie in creating new economies which support our existing resource economy and in creating new opportunities through the use of new technology. I am committed to this community and dedicated to progress.

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Although I am not a resident 0f Kamloops I would like to say that Kamloops could not ask for a more sincere or compassionate representative of your city. Sadie goes above and beyond.

Pam LeClair

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As a Kamloops resident and voter, I am casting my ballot for Sadie Hunter. Sadie's connection to the community in her role at TRU and her support for the technology sector is how I came to know her. When we first met, she spoke passionately about a new TRU nursing building and from that point on, I knew this was a serious individual.

That combined with her well-articulated and strong support for the underserved portions of Kamloops, shows her dedication to being a positive voice for all people in the community and it has won my support.

I believe she will be a true advocate for the entire city, and that she will help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to maximize their potential. I wish her the very best in this election and urge my Kamloops neighbors to cast their vote for Sadie Hunter.

Richard Marken, President, M4 Hospitality (Website)

Sadie’s dedication, gumption and intelligence makes her an excellent council candidate. She sees strength in diversity and is willing to put in the work to make sure our city reaches its fullest potential.

Sam Numsen

Sadie is a perfect candidate for council because not only does she honestly care about making our community better, but she has an even-keeled and scientific approach that is inclusive, fact based, and gets results. As her colleague at TRU, it has always been my pleasure working with Sadie on projects and initiatives, even when we don't see eye to eye, because she is always fair and collaborative, working toward a solution that benefits as many people as possible.

Dušan Magdolen, Development Director at TRU, Executive Director of the KFS, and General Manager for Project X Theatre

Sadie is bright, energetic and passionate about Kamloops and the opportunities available to our community. Sadie is compassionate and service-oriented, working out front and behind the scenes with service organizations like Rotary and many other initiatives in the community. Hard-working and trustworthy, Sadie has my vote.

Ryan Liebe, President, Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd. (Website)

If I had to pick two adjectives to describe Sadie, they would be dedicated and community-minded. When we first crossed paths I was impressed by her commitment to, and support of, her son. She was very clear in her communication and always interested in hearing about, and supporting, his school work. Twelve years later I continue to admire her dedication but at this time it is to her community. She is always ready to listen to an issue or an idea and constantly considers how to improve her community and offer additional opportunities to those she supports. Sadie works hard, she is creative, she listens carefully, and she is respectful and honest. These are all characteristics that Kamloops needs on city council. Sadie Hunter has my vote.

Elizabeth DeVries, District Technology Coordinator, SD #73

Answers to Questions from the Public

Aug 28, 2018 at 12:59 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor, Mayor, School Trustee Candidates

What do you see as the single most important issue facing Kamloops right now?
What are your ideas for managing or overcoming this issue?

Sadie Hunter Answered

In one word: Identity.
I believe we’re in a bit of an awkward transition trying to define our community beyond our roots as an agricultural and industrial hub while still supporting these important economies. We’ve done a great job building up tourism and our branding as a tournament capital, but there’s still a bit of a disconnect and fuzziness between that and a future vision for where Kamloops is going as a community. I think part of the answer lies in strengthening the connection between industry, government, and TRU and the rest of the community. Taking advantage of the recent MOU signed between the city and TRU in creating a direct line from education to jobs. This will lead to security, which leads to the freedom to create and innovate.

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:32 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

What are the most important changes to the budget that you'd like to see?

Sadie Hunter Answered

Taxpayers (rightly) want to know how their tax dollars are spent and what their dollar to service value ratio is year-to-year. The only way to find this out is by reviewing what constitutes core services. Core reviews have gained in popularity across BC over the last 10 years or so, with Penticton leading the way. This kind of review comes down to asking three questions: What is government's (You might want to use City’s business, most people do not think of city council as government but reserve that for the provincial and federal governments) business? How are we going to do it? And how can we do it better? I believe the first step in finding out where we can spend less lies in answering these three questions. It might not result in a cut in spending but it may revise things that aren’t serving us well so we can focus our attention on what we can do better.

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:44 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

What additions or improvements would you like to see to the recreational offerings in Kamloops?

Sadie Hunter Answered

I believe we've done a great job with building up the mountain biking trails and increasing access to trails. I believe there are never too many green spaces within the city, which encourage passive recreation, more pedestrian access. An example of this would be greening up the corridor along Notre Dame drive. I access our trails and facilities on a regular basis, the only improvement or addition I would recommend would be to increase the accessibility of some of these, looking to improve/add accessible recreation opportunities where possible and to remove any of the barriers that may exist.

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:30 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

Are there any specific ways that you can see that the city can better serve the business community?

Sadie Hunter Answered

In comparison to other municipalities of similar size, Kamloops has some of the highest light industrial and business tax rates by a large margin. I plan to bring forward a recommendation to review and revise these rates to align them more closely with other communities to position Kamloops as a more business-friendly city. This will encourage economic development and growth, which translates into jobs and stability.

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:50 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor Candidates

Do you consider yourself:
A) Leader
B) Team player
C) Lone wolf


Sadie Hunter Answered

If there was a D. all of the above option, I would choose that one as my answer is--it depends. It depends on situation and context. An introvert by nature, I relish quiet time and have no problem being on my own "lone wolfing" it. I also take the reigns and lead when it is appropriate for me to do so. I'm willing to take control and be a strong voice when needed. I'd say I most often fall into the team player category as I believe it takes an array of perspectives to create a whole. We get a lot farther in building community when we work together in the same direction than we do on our own.