Richard Marken

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As a Kamloops resident and voter, I am casting my ballot for Sadie Hunter. Sadie's connection to the community in her role at TRU and her support for the technology sector is how I came to know her. When we first met, she spoke passionately about a new TRU nursing building and from that point on, I knew this was a serious individual.

That combined with her well-articulated and strong support for the underserved portions of Kamloops, shows her dedication to being a positive voice for all people in the community and it has won my support.

I believe she will be a true advocate for the entire city, and that she will help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to maximize their potential. I wish her the very best in this election and urge my Kamloops neighbors to cast their vote for Sadie Hunter.

Richard Marken, President, M4 Hospitality (Website)