Ken Barry

Oct 15, 2018 at 10:57 am

Ken Barry asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

How do you feel about a Ward System for Kamloops?

William James Turnbull

I feel it needs to be seriously looked into. A hybrid model perhaps? Currently we have Neighbourhood Associations. With the rise of Grassroots Governance they can play a major part in directing the city for specific areas & as a whole. Regardless, transparency & representation need major improving.

Dale Bass

At some point we will have to consider it. The city is growing and in a few years we will need to rethink how we provide representation for everyone. I chuckle at those who say no, it will be too partisan and divisive. The school district is like a ward template and you don't see rural trustees only promoting their own area needs to the detriment if the district as a whole. I believe Kamloopsians are smart enough to elect people who will see the citywide mandate but also be there to provide ongoing communication with their areas. How many councillors now provide that to every area if the city?

Gerald Watson

I do not think Kamloops is big enough to justify the change.

Stephen Karpuk

I am not in favour of a ward system. I believe it tends to pit one neighbourhood against another. Yes it can work, but I have lived in cities where ward systems are employed and I did not see any better government. I think we need to elect people who see Kamloops needs all areas of the city addressed. I intend to serve all of Kamloops and hope to find ways to address the needs of all neighbourhoods in a fiscally responsible way.

Thank you for your question. Please get out the vote on October 20th.