Ken Barry

Oct 15, 2018 at 10:56 am

Ken Barry asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

How do you feel about a two term limit for City Councilors?

William James Turnbull

I feel that's a great idea! Perhaps even one term....

Dale Bass

Makes sense to me. I think with longevity can come complacency.

Gerald Watson

I think there is a shortage of quality people willing to take on the task of being a City Councilor. Term limits further limit the number of quality people available to take on the role and puts more power in the hands of administration (rookie councilors have less ability to push back because of their experience). I do think 4 years is too long. I would prefer to see a return to three year terms.

Stephen Karpuk

I have done some investigating of this idea and I think that is an idea worth looking at. If a serving councilor steps away and then can run again after a break then I have no problem with it. Probably prevents "stale dating" and allows for a new perspective. I am NOT in favour though of 2 term and done forever option though. Thank you for the question. Get out and vote October 20th!