Ken Barry

Oct 15, 2018 at 10:56 am

Ken Barry asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

Have you read the Kamloops Transportation Master Plan? If so what your thoughts?

William James Turnbull

No. I have read the Official Community Plan. The Kamloops Transportation Master Plan needs to be added to my growing list. I've read parts of many other relevant city documents.

Dale Bass

Yes and it's a good starting point but I think we need to take another look at how we implement the goals in a city that is quite spread out. Walking/cycling/transit is good to advocate but if you live in Heffley or Campbell Creek, it's not particularly efficient.

Stephen Karpuk

I have read through it, though I feel a more thorough read would be required to know specifics. I also attended the public forums preceding the document formation where I added my comments. This is a relatively large document covering a variety of items and areas, and it provides us with a framework to go forward. If there is something specific you wish me to comment on I would be happy to look into that area and get back to you with my thoughts.

Thank you for the question. Please get out and vote October 20th.