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Nicholas Adams

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Nicholas Adams

Contact Information

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Phone: (250) 320-1643

Personal Information

Resident of: North Kamloops
Age: 28
Current Occupation: Caretaker

Political Experience:

I had the fortune to run in the 2017 Municipal by-election for city council. I learned a lot about both campaigning and how our municipal government functions.


My name is Nicholas Adams. I have lived in Kamloops for 24 years. I graduated from Westsyde secondary school and currently reside on the North Shore. I have lived in a variety of the communities that make up Kamloops and have enjoyed the wide mix of people that make up our community. I have founded and run businesses in Kamloops and worked with many great people.

Growing up here I was instilled with a love of community service, helping with raffles and pancake breakfast with the Overlanders Lions Club and the many other groups and events my mom was involved with. I was able to see what our community gains from the hard-working men and women who volunteer their time to help us all flourish. As an adult, I have continued to enjoy helping our community. I am extremely proud to have been involved in the establishment of Kamloops Makerspace and involvement in many other community groups and events.

The various groups and clubs available to the youth of our community helped to shape me into the person I am today. 204 Back Maria Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets Program taught me leadership, self-reliance and effective speaking. The Westsyde Drag Racing Club taught me sportsmanship and mechanical skills that serve me every day. Programs like these forged relationships that continue to this day.

I have decided to run for city council because I would like to give back to the community. Kamloops has offered me great opportunities and I would like to see our city continue to thrive.

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Nicholas is an intelligent, calm, confident, caring, honest, educated leader. He listens to community members needs, has an exceptional understanding of community issues and concerns, and works smarter and harder to bring these needs to fruition. Nicholas is a fantastic asset to the community and will be an invaluable city council member. Vote for Nicholas Adams.

Tabitha Gallicano, Kamloops resident, volunteer, student

Nicholas has long been a contributor to this city. He donates many, many hours as a hard-working volunteer. He looks for ways to make things better for people. Nicholas is energetic, innovative and committed. I know he would make an excellent city council member for Kamloops.

Claire Johnson, Kamloops resident

One of the best things about having run for council in last year's by-election was meeting Nick. He's smart, caring, and committed to his community. The city can, imho, only benefit from having a socially minded entrepreneur like him helping to chart our course forward. I'm voting for Nick on October the 20th, and I think you should too.

Brad Serl, Kamloops Resident

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Nicholas is a dedicated and passionate member of the community. Shown by his actions through various ventures like the Makerspace, Rotary, and many others, he has a heart that beats for Kamloops, and would make a fantastic addition to city council.

Jesse Bochek, Board Member, Aberdeen Neighborhood Association

I've worked with Nicholas Adams in a variety of settings in Kamloops, most notably at the Kamloops Makerspace. Nicholas is hard-working, level-headed and well connected in Kamloops and has an excellent track record of service in the community. A very good person to have on your team!

Vaughn Warren, Kamloops resident (Website)

Answers to Questions from the Public

Aug 28, 2018 at 12:59 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor, Mayor, School Trustee Candidates

What do you see as the single most important issue facing Kamloops right now?
What are your ideas for managing or overcoming this issue?

Nicholas Adams Answered

Kamloops is lacking opportunity in many areas. Whether it is housing, employment, or lack of social/entertainment opportunity. We need to ensure that we Identify our shortcomings and address them through creating the opportunity for investment for our future.

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:30 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

Are there any specific ways that you can see that the city can better serve the business community?

Nicholas Adams Answered

One of the largest complaints I have heard from the business community is red tape. The city should ensure they are working with businesses and not creating barriers for those who choose to help Kamloops thrive. We cannot afford to be a "can't do" city.

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:32 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

What are the most important changes to the budget that you'd like to see?

Nicholas Adams Answered

Investment should be done now with a view toward the future as costs are not coming down, and foresight will pay dividends in the future. I believe we are underfunding snow removal. It is hard as we can not predict how much snow we will get, but we need to ensure they have the resources required.

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:44 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor, Mayor Candidates

What additions or improvements would you like to see to the recreational offerings in Kamloops?

Nicholas Adams Answered

I would like to see a pool returned to McDonald Park or a pool at McArthur Island. A performing arts center would also be a fantastic addition to our community as we do not have an intermediate sized Venue in Kamloops.

Aug 28, 2018 at 1:50 pm

Kamloops Voter asks the City Councillor Candidates

Do you consider yourself:
A) Leader
B) Team player
C) Lone wolf


Nicholas Adams Answered

I have considered myself a leader for most of my life. I strongly believe however, that before you can lead, you must be able to follow. Therefore I am definitely a team player.