Caroline Hilland

Who better to represent the people of Kamloops than someone who has been investigating the major issues in the city and bringing forward the concerns and needs of those who live within it as a local journalist and social advocate for so many years? It is “in her blood” to ask the tough questions, gather diverse perspectives, and listen to varied opinions, in order to get to the heart of what matters most. By doing so, Dale will bring a new level of transparency and accountability to council chambers.
Moreover, Dale cares about people and will champion the causes of those who are under-represented in our present political system to ensure that the decisions made are best for everyone, in every neighbourhood, and from every walk of life in the city. I believe Dale has the skills, the drive and the heart to bring positive change to Kamloops, and that is why I will be voting for her on Election Day!

Caroline Hilland, Kamloops Resident