List of All Candidates in the 2018 Kamloops Municipal Election

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List of All Candidates in the 2018 Kamloops Municipal Election

I think the Kamloops Voter experiment was a rousing success and would like to thank all of the candidates who participated and all of the people who submitted questions and endorsements.

Kamloops Voter gave all of the candidates the opportunity to show the people of Kamloops who was willing to engage with the public, answer questions, and seek endorsements. Those who didn’t participate also showed the people of Kamloops that they are not willing to engage and listen to the people of Kamloops.

If you were to take all of the public engagement from all of the forums for the entire election period, Kamloops Voter had more engagement several times over, EACH DAY.

One last thing I’ve done is create a list of all candidates and arrange them according to their participation on the Kamloops Voter website. You can download the document and mark off who you’re going to vote for. If you’ve already voted, download it and mark off who you voted for to help you when you argue with your friends later.

Click the link below to download a PDF listing all candidates.
2018 Kamloops Municipal Election Voting Card

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