Message to Kamloops Candidates and a Photo of My Dog

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Message to Kamloops Candidates and a Photo of My Dog

The results will be in tonight and there will be a lot of candidates in Kamloops on the edge of their seat. Not everyone is going to win a seat today, but there’s a good number of people that earned one.

Regardless of the numbers at the end of the night, if you ran a good campaign and put in the effort you’ve moved the needle forward. If you’ve shared your ideas to make things better it’s ok if someone else runs with it. You’ve still accomplished what you intended.

A good campaign has candidates developing and sharing ideas and strategies. It will be up to those that are elected to take those ideas and see them through to fruition. The end of the campaign shouldn’t be the end of the process though. Those that aren’t elected should make the effort to continue in the “Candidate Mindset” to discover problems, find solutions, pass them on, and pressure for change.

The task now is to continue the work to make Kamloops a better place for everyone to live. All of the candidates should use their new voice to make a difference wherever they can. Don’t stop because the campaign is over. The ball is in your hands and you can choose to continue carrying it forward or drop it. The choice is yours.

Join a group, create a group, raise your voice, take a chance, and make the choice.

I’d love to continue helping those that want to use their new voice to reach the people of Kamloops. Email me to discuss or come on out to Progressive Drinks for a chat.

Kamloops Progressive Drinks

You are all invited to the October Progressive Drinks. Everyone is welcome and it’s a great place to meet people that you otherwise wouldn’t.

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